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Addo Digital wins big at the Fashion and Beauty Awards

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Addo Digital won three awards at the annual Fashion and Beauty Awards (FAB), organized by Boussias Communications, with the participation of more than 100 beauty and fashion companies.

Addo Digital picked up the Silver Award for Best Use of Instagram, Silver Award for Best Use of Facebook and the Bronze Award for Overall Digital Presence. All prizes were given in recognition of Addo’s work on the #BeautifulTheWayIWantToBe campaign for Oriflame Cosmetics.

Commenting on the firm’s success, CEO and founder of Addo, Maria Skounta, said: “For the last three months, our client strategy in social media has been to inspire and educate consumers to adopt a healthy diet and beauty products as part of their daily lives. The content we create is designed to help improve a customer’s quality of life and help them pursue new personal philosophies.

“Our content doesn’t follow the short-termist, stereotypical sales route, but helps users relate to the brand culture instead. This way, we can help brands build quality relationships with customers over time.”

Addo Digital’s team specialises in creating measurable, unique experiences for brands and consumers, through the development of powerful brand stories that are amplified via social media and online campaigns.

Commenting on the firm’s wider strategy for 2019, Manolis Labovas, Partner at Addo Digital, said: “Research shows that 84% of consumers are influenced by user-generated content for brands, while video content is estimated to constitute 79% of the global internet traffic by 2020.

“As a result, we have already developed several new strategies and ideas and to accomplish them, we will be announcing a series of new partnerships with YouTubers and comedians – 2019 will be a very exciting year for Addo Digital!