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It’s not about dealing with Facebook algorithms but creating better content

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The content industry is changing. Nowadays, using the right content matters and by doing so, it can make a real impact to your brand.

Why content is so important

Content creates engagement and connects people. Stories are always important for people to know as they seek to consume information daily and that’s why we create content in different forms. Yes, today the content industry is changing. The consumption started with text and today it is video that has taken the lead. We are trying to create more video content which can enable people to interact more. We have more than 300 million views on our videos from different users and properties.

How you can make content viral 

There’s always data and science behind any content going viral. Whenever you create content, you should know the target audience you are focusing on; what is the objective to be achieved and who will engage with our content. To generate a pre-buzz you should create curiosity in the minds of users so that people want to know more about it. First of all the piece should be engaging, relatable and connecting. 

Before brands went down the cause marketing route, direct marketing was at the forefront. But now consumption patterns have changed a lot. Advertisers have moved from direct conversation to storytelling where they are creating emotional content to deliver the brand message. Brands create the emotional value within that communication.


Instagram vs Facebook for content dissemination

It totally depends on the audience we are targeting. Facebook and Instagram users vary. But Facebook has a great reach. How you want to engage with your audiences is what matters in choosing the right platform.

Facebook Algorithm 

It’s not about dealing with Facebook algorithm. It’s about creating better content.

When Facebook updates its algorithms, it helps to change our overall content strategy. Facebook’s main agenda is to create meaningful conversations on the platform and it is important for us to do the same. Recently we started focusing more on video content and for four months we were almost number one in video viewership.

Always remember that you have to create content related to what your audience likes and not what you like. 

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